the credits

oh yeah.. this site don't wanna be the best in design and information, but I think this way I can reach my goal : inform ya about my trip and put some pics at the web. For a one-night work, powered by ice tea, chocolate cookies and on-line friends company, I think it's nice :)

critics, comments or forgotten names, mail me or send an ICQ

let me say thanks to some ppl..(I'll put in my ICQ order) :


acid_angel : mana.. forgive me by that incident when I met ya.. sorry.. ya name was erased of my mind, but ya wrote it again and I'll never forget, be sure. Tx by being my guide at Galeria ;)

Al_Simmons : tx by left me at Carla's home friday night.. without ya I would stay searching my "home" a whole night ;) Send me ya pics that I put them in this site !

Az-Athoth : don't be stressed with cops, dude ! ;) Time will tell taht bangers aren't bad ppl ;) and don't sit at Station's floor, citzen ! ;) I wanna see more sites did by you !!

BassGirl : enjoyed the bubble gum? ;) I liked a lot to walk by your side.. I hope we do it again another time (maybe here;).. I am waiting your postcard !!! ;P

Bic : damn.. I was searching for ya upstairs and went to the bus (entered there and shout loud ya name ! ;).. tx by throwin'water in my face, ya saved me again ;) next time we stay closer, I'll schedule a hour to talk ONLY with ya ;)

Donna : thanks by saying "here" while i was travelling.. thanks by the t-shirt (that pic is for you !).. aargh.. ya make me listen to Pato Fu and U2 and like it ;)))

Dr_Floyd : after all fights during this period that you are my "father", I can say that our brotherhood is stronger than ever. Really thanks by helping me with this site, Iced Tea, mom/dad boring chats as "Dé won't travel !" and to look to my face everyday and say GOOD MORNING ;) Be sure that ya will conquer ya Surgery Stage.. and won't be a journalist givin'money to the doctor, but the opposite ! Always remind, "together we stand, divided we fall" :)

FirerockS :

Anaktar : thanks by the bathroom and by puttin'me at the hotel. I wanna see the video with me sleeping :) "ZzzZZzZZZ.. AAAHH A PILLOWW !! ;)" When in this small piece of hell called Porto Alegre, call me.

Isabel : oh yeah.. ya we're the tallest girl at Maksoud.. the only one too ;) I'll do the chimarrão for you, but in my kitchen, ok? ;)

Carla : no words about ya.. sure.. ya we're like a mommy (a banger one !! ;) and this "son"only can say thanks to you, from the deepest part of this wolfheart. I only can TRY do the same if ya appear at south ;) If I had time to say goodbye I had cried ;,)

Galadriel : sorry that I didn't talked much with ya.. I hope next time I'll talk more.. but remember.. the way to Cruz Alta crosses Porto Alegre ;)

GUARDIAN : sorry that I arrived late at KVA.. the 3 days we're the craziest vacations I had and I only met ya late (but I met !! ;)... huge tx by helping me while I was translating "Son of a Bitch" (the Ultraje song).. If I do my band, the MailBombers (only country songs sing in punk/english verisions ;), I call you to help in spell check ;)

GUI (the Hanson family) : uhh.. If someday my mom teached ya dad, now ya (Gui, Ronaldo, Giovani and Ana) are teaching me how a friendship can be nice. Tx by all support while I called (GUI), tx by talk with me while I did this site (Ana).. hey.. we can do a barbecue in Três de Maio someday (at Xmas or New Year's Eve, ok?) :)

HalKiller : sorry that saturday i asked "who are you?" again ;) I hope I'll meet ya at some soocer field, not playing, but working ;)

KaiHansen : today ya can be better, but Gremio still rulz. Wait we go to second division and reborn again ;) We're a blue phoenix, need to fall to rise again.. Yeah.. you got the Cd the deal is done ;) Still wait ya presence next here next Gremio X Vasco

IcedTea : I know Lipton-dudes aren't reading this.. but IceTea is the best thing my tongue tasted ;) If I could, I would change my blood into IcedTea and become a Vampire to suck my veins ;)))

Leeloo : prá vc eu escrevo em português mesmo ;) desculpa c não lhe dei atenção na sexta, foi tudo na pressa.. acho q depois da convsersa em Santo André está tudo ok :) Não se preocupa.. a Folha vai t pagar bem ;)

Mia : that japanese food was nice.. xpecially that ya was at table with me.. I'm only sad that ya didn't enjoyed IcedTea, but time can fx this ;) I'm still trying to understand ya writings ;PPP Keep on rockin', journalist !!!

Morgana : uuuh.. Sister... the few moments we talked we're nice and I remind it.. Do you remember my last words ("don't trust much on me, because.... ) ? Hahahahah... Were the most lucid things I saw in my whole life !!! ;)) My shoulders are yours when need it, ok? Remind.. think about ya acts and what they will bring with the tides of time ;)

pumpkin : don't drink much.. I wanna meet ya one more time ;))) someday I appear at Hn'Heavy and buy some stuff ;) Y a are a great friend, and if ya comes to Oktoberfest, tell me that we do a #beer-drunk-tavern meeting ;) Next time at Rio I wanna met AMAPI ppl (friends of pumpkin.. friends of Lobo) ;)

SCARLETT : oh yeah.. You received the honour (!?! ;) of be my doctor with Claudia ;) Tx by talk with me and hear my sad words ;) this site is for you ! (i think it works as a mail ;)

SiGmA : I still don't belive in that vision that I had while I woke up ;) Ya are really a great "brother" and I understood that thougts about how we could reach home :) my huge hugs (heheh) to the 13th floor ppl !! ;) I wait ya here, to get Sigma5 CD ;)

SPACEATER : oh yeah.. ya/Al/Tommy made me feel as a caiçara fer some moments.. I hope next time the barman brings the real style of Pepsi ya asked ;)

TheAbufa : I hope ya are at home now ;) Don't be worried about the magic word biXXXcoito hehe ;)

Tommyknocker : hehehehe.. as I promised, ya butt received a wolf-kick !! Ah.. McDonald's isn't the devil's church and a truly CRISTOATIVIDADE priest as you can go there without fear ! The potatoes are good.. try taste the hamburgers next time ;)

UNKNOWN ONES : (as Anthrax did once) if your name isn't here, put it over the ...... ;)

................................................................................... : I hope next time I can talk more and in a bar table with IcedTea. The trip was very short (I really broke my regular schedule to travel, when I arrived at home I went to journal to work), and I think in, hmm, year 2000 I can do a trip so far as this one..

oh yeah.. pardon me by some English errors, I left english courses in 1995 ;) I think this site is is small, a bit confused, but is a tribute to something called TAVERNSHIP (better that friendship :))

my deep THANKS for the ones who carried me during that 3 days ! While one of ya souls come to the pampas, tell me that I'll do a barbecue and chimarrão ;)



Tomorrow will take us away

Far from home

Noone will ever know our names

But the bards' songs will remain

Tomorrow will take it away

The fear of today It will be gone

Due to our magic songs



because journasists are modern bards, without guitars but with media telling stories to the public ;)

(we're pizza dealers too, but this is another theory, as quindim one ;)

hit back on your browser, lazy creature ;)